Grant Farmer presents “The Hindrance of Warm-ups”

Many of us use warm-ups that we learned years, even decades, ago from various sources. At the time, they were silver bullets for our vocal issues. Our vocal warm-ups are so established and engrained in our process that we forget to ask about their benefit and purpose. In fact, some may actually be hindering our process toward healthy vocal production in a rehearsal. For example, does a vocal sigh from the top of one’s range really set a singer up for success? Together we will look at how vocalises and warm-ups all together can either serve or hinder healthy vocal production in a rehearsal. We’ll answer the questions – How many warm-ups do we need? and What types of warm-ups do my singers need? Most importantly, we will reframe our perspective on vocalises, no longer just a bell ringer activity, but a methodical approach to assisting our singers achieve a healthy vocal production. Attendees are also encouraged to bring a list of their favorite exercises to offer as a discussion point.