Tried and True Middle School Gems- Tenor Bass Voicing

Whether you have a dedicated middle school TB ensemble, or you do 1 song with those changing voices, there is so much great repertoire out there for these voice types. As with anything at this level, don’t be afraid to modify, simplify, or augment to make it work for your students.

2023 IMEA Choral Reading Session

56 titles for treble voices, TB voices, and mixed ensembles compiled and presented by Sidney Hudson at the 2023 IMEA Choral Reading Session. Click through for demo recordings and links to publishers.

R&S Repertoire Selections for Fall 2022 Conference

A database of all the songs (plus more) from our Fall 2022 IDACDA reading session. With contributions from Corrina Steinbach, Emmanuella Mazile, Grant Farmer, Janet Turely, Kerry Calverley, Philip Miller, Quinn Van Paepaghem, Ryan Olsen, Sean Kane, Seth McMullen, and Steve Kuykendall.