Welcome to the IDACDA Fall 2022 Conference featuring headliner Maria Guinand, an invitational choir, concert sessions, reading sessions and more at Boise’s Cathedral of the Rockies on October 6-8, 2022.

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Megan Kotter10834408/23/23Active
Megan Kotter10834408/23/23Active
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Anna Simpson670339/30/22Please renew
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Kathy Stefani10734958/30/23Active
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Kerrie Tolman10873358/8/23Active
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Tyler Vance10020449/16/22Please renew
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Ezra Abernathy
Emily Alldrin
Scott Anderson
Mark Anderson
Elizabeth Batey
Gabriel Beckman
Courtney Birch
Camille Blackburn
Anna Branigan
Adriana Caloca-Sene
Kerry Calverley
Attn: Allison Cammack
Joie Cariaga
Daniel Child
JanaRae Christensen
Serena Clark
Mary Clayton-Smith
Deanna Cole
Brandi Cook
Jesse Crabtree
Elayna Crofts
Joy Curtis
John DeRouen
David Dickau
David Difort
Pasha Difort
Lorelei Dowland
Michelle Drake
Steve Dresen
Hallee Erickson
Leigh Falconer
Grant Farmer
Douglas A Fisher
Brett Friedman
Miren Gabiola
Sherilynn Goodworth
Greg Goodworth
William Hale
Amanda Hall
Cassie Horner
Sidney Hudson
Jim Jirak
Jessica Johnson
Livi Johnson
Rudy Kammel
Sean Kane
David Klement
Megan Kotter
Stephen Kuykendall
Crystal Lovato
Gabriel Lowman
Annette Mackey
Caryn Marlowe
Emmanuella Mazile
Keith McCauley
Seth McMullen
Max Mendez
Philip Miller
Julio Murillo
Bryn Navarrete
Erik Noyce
Ryan Olsen
Maximo Orr
Carmyn Parks
Jordan Payne
Isabella Pederson
Michael Porter
Corbin Rasmussen
Adam Redd
Sullivan Redfield
Stephanie Sant
Anna Simpson
Corrina Steinbach
Natalie Stone
Rhiannon Terry
Krystal Tippett
Janet Turley
Quinn Van Paepeghem

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