Fall 2022 Conference

October 6-8, 2022

Join us for the IDACDA Fall Convention at Cathedral of the Rockies on October 6-8, 2022. IDACDA is proud to announce Maria Guinand as our guest headline presenter.


Conference Resources

What we’re hearing from your Seniors

Over the past few years, we have observed several consistent habits in the voices of incoming college freshmen. With the backdrop of vocology, Annie Powell and Grant Farmer have been developing methods to employ in group voice settings to help build strong, healthy voice habits.

Mapping Breath, Movement, and Musical Intention

Providing accurate physiological maps to understanding how our body moves to enhance performance, prevent injury and rehabilitate injured musicians. Presented by Max Mendez at the Fall 2022 IDACDA Conference at the Cathedral of The Rockies.

Watch a live stream of Friday night’s Gala Concert

With performances by Idaho State University, directed by Dr. Scott Anderson; Boise State University, directed by Dr. C. Michael Porter; and the IDACDA Invitational Conference Choir, directed by headliner Maria Guinand.

Download the Beer Choir Hymnal

Join us at the White Dog Brewery (705 W. Fulton Street, Boise, ID 83702) on Thursday night for our annual Beer Choir. This is a fun social event where you purchase the beverage of your choice (they have beer, wine, cider and a variety of non-alcoholic options!) and we sing fun songs from the Beer Choir Hymnal.

Access the digital reading session book

Introducing the digital reading session book! All 45 titles for this conference’s reading sessions are included. Please follow the instructions to get access. You can download the app, or access the titles from any device web browser.

R&S Repertoire Selections for Fall 2022 Conference

A database of all the songs (plus more) from our Fall 2022 IDACDA reading session. With contributions from Corrina Steinbach, Emmanuella Mazile, Grant Farmer, Janet Turely, Kerry Calverley, Philip Miller, Quinn Van Paepaghem, Ryan Olsen, Sean Kane, Seth McMullen, and Steve Kuykendall.

Meet our presenters …