1. Get informed

Please download the following documents and read through them carefully.

For Elementary directors

An invitational letter to all Elementary directors with a checklist, details, payment option information, and deadlines.

For singers and parents

Directors should download, print, distribute and collect this registration packet from each singer and parent or guardian.

2. Register your elementary singers

Singers in grades 4-6 are recommended to participate by their teacher. No audition submission is necessary. Teachers recommend singers by registering them for this event and paying the $85 participation fee. You will need to know singers’ name; t-shirt size; gender (male/female/unstated); grade; voice part (soprano/alto); home address; and parent/guardian name/phone/email.

Directors will collect money from parents and then make one large payment online for all students. This payment can be made by credit card or purchase order. If paying with a PO please get that going right away so they can be received by December 18th.  An invoice will be emailed to you. You may need to check your spam folders. Include this invoice with your mailed check to assure that payment is properly applied. –  Please include the memo IDACDA All-State 2024 on your checks.

Registration closes midnight of 12/18/23

3. Get sheet music and practice files

ACDA has purchased original copies of the music. Music will be mailed to directors January 8th after fees and forms have been received. It is the director’s responsibility to distribute sheet music to singers and to make sure students bring their music to the Honor Choir event. No photocopies of the music will be permitted for use during the Honor Choir event.

Please check back here on January 8, 2024 for practice files.


The following directors have registered singers for the All-State Elementary Choir:

Frances WilliamsGooding Elementary School
507 Idaho St
Gooding, Idaho 83330
United States
Map It
JoAnn BresslerMorley Nelson Elementary
7701 west Northview St.
Boise, Idaho 83704
United States
Map It
Teresa FinchTrail Wind Elementary
3701 E Lake Forest Dr.
Boise, Idaho 83716
United States
Map It
Kristi StomBoise School District
Whittier Elementary School
301 N 29th St, Idaho 83702
United States
Map It
Kerry CalverleyOpera Idaho Children's Choruses
515 S 9th street
Boise, Idaho 83702
United States
Map It
Katie GaronzikDallas Harris Elementary
3302 S. Barnside Way
Boise, Idaho 83716
United States
Map It
Natalie ChelsonTaft Elementary
3722 W Anderson Street
Boise, Idaho 83703
United States
Map It
Frances WilliamsGooding Elementary School
507 Idaho St
Gooding, Idaho 83330
United States
Map It
Bret CliftonNorth Idaho STEM Charter Academy
15633 N. Meyer Road
Rathdrum, Idaho 99016
United States
Map It
Greg GoodworthMarsh Valley HS
62 Hillridge Ave
Blackfoot, Idaho 83221
United States
Map It
Rebecca DugganGrace Jordan Elementary School
6411 Fairfield Ave
Boise, Idaho 83709
United States
Map It
Molly GreeneLiberty Elementary School
1740 E Bergeson St
Boise, Idaho 83706
United States
Map It
Amber DurfeeWhitney Elementary
1609 S Owyhee St
Boise, Idaho 83705
United States
Map It
Ariel BostromRiverside Elementary
2100 E Victory Rd
Boise, Idaho 83706
United States
Map It
Sean KaneTimberline High School
781 E Pasacana St
Meridian, Idaho 83646
United States
Map It
Lauren CaldwellAdams Elementary School
1725 E warm springs ave
Boise, Idaho 83712
United States
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NameGradeVoice Part
Heber Walker6Soprano
Esther Nikwigizi6Soprano
Keira Taylor6Alto
Aryan Eruvuru5Alto
Evan O'Neill6Alto
Lena Scheid6Alto
Timber Patrick6Alto
Angela Campbell6Alto
Danica Davila5Alto
Hadley Gersack6Alto
Mallory Sinto6Alto
Logan McVay6Alto
Nina Markle6Alto
Felix Rich6Soprano
Annya Gomez-Antonio6Soprano
Elizabeth Kellis6Soprano
Mia Hoffman4Alto
Brooklyn Oppie4Soprano
Kessler Emmons4Alto
Emily Anderson5Soprano
Macy Crafton5Soprano
Titus Rajsich6Alto
Elyse Anderson4Alto
Poppy Lloyd5Soprano
Carli Fors6Alto
Joslyn Oppheim5Soprano
Kate Seilnacht5Soprano
Caitlin Czuba6Alto
Famiya Eradi6Soprano
Aliyanse Uwamahoro6Soprano
Agatha Igihozo4Soprano
Jocelyn Barnes4Soprano
Sadie Reed5Soprano
Eliana Cramer5Soprano
Anderson Hocklander5Soprano
Emerie Hocklander4Soprano
Kamia Hocklander5Soprano
Jaeda Anderson5Soprano
Kyah Garibay5Soprano
Kinslee Ferguson5Soprano
Stella Scoffield5Soprano
Mykaela Sliman5Soprano
Lincoln Goodworth4Alto
Jasa Wadsworth4Soprano
Avery Solis4Soprano
Tilly Schug5Alto
Nora Ruprecht5Alto
Sabrina Schwab5Alto
Max McCollum6Soprano
Jameson Fealko6Alto
Abigail Petersen6Soprano
Addley Newbern6Alto
Alexa Davis5Soprano
Olivia Taylor6Alto
Gwen Nielsen5Soprano
Tillie Cahoon5Soprano
Hannah Gerichs6Alto
Leyna Kaneko6Alto
Olivia Vaden5Soprano
Jasper Twichel5Soprano
Olivia Graybeal4Soprano
Avery Cooper4Soprano
Anderson Willingham5Alto
Daniel Mkhitariani5Alto
Penny Tuck6Soprano
Dulcemaria Donaldson Ibanez4Soprano
Alexis Lambert6Alto
Stella Courtright6Alto
Calli Archuleta6Soprano
Natalie Sturdavant6Alto
Ayla Webb6Soprano
Anne-Marie Lehn6Soprano
Kinsley Coffland6Soprano
Karly Keller6Alto
Hannah Stichka6Soprano
Frances Whitehead6Soprano
Greyson Davio6Alto
Sydney Arnold6Alto
Melia Kane6Soprano
Shiloh Hodges6Alto
Josette Bates6Soprano
Clara Weed6Soprano
Lucia Scalella6Alto
Miles Koenig6Alto
Isla Walker6Alto
Lyra Powell6Soprano
Lily Prihode Aldana6Soprano