Articles previously appearing on the ID ACDA website include these:

The Vocal Jazz Lifeline (Part I) Read more
by Quinn Van Paepeghem, R&S Chair for Jazz and Show Choirs

Awkward, difficult, strange and beautiful Read more
by Liz Batey, R&S Chair for Junior High/Middle School Choirs

Singing for your spiritual and physical health Read more
by Michael Boney, R&S Chair for Music in Worship

Extending a hand to your neighbor next door (or across the hall) Read more
by Seth McMullen, R&S Chair for High School Choirs

ACDA Reflections: Michael Porter, BSU, and his student, Leanne Oien, talk about the Dallas national conference…”a humbling and life changing experience…” Read more


You may find our ID ACDA 2016 retreat material helpful
October, 2016 Retreat a marvelous success; Christopher Aspaas presentations still available to you on this page!

Professional development credit for 2016 event HERE
2016 Aspaas – Presentation description HERE
2016 Aspaas – A gesture refresher HERE
2016 Aspaas – The rehearsal: a positive approach HERE
2016 Aspaas “Collaboration” HERE
More about our 2016 presenter, Christopher Aspaas HERE