Conference Schedule

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8am-8:30 Registration/Morning Reception/Hospitality/Exhibitions 

8:30-8:45 Morning Welcome 

Breakout Session 1 8:45-9:40 (choose 1)

Anita EdwardOrff, but of course! 

Shirley Van Paepeghem/ Teresa Finch CAP at 25 registrants Shadow Play 

Falane Gerritsen Tips on Teaching Folk Dancing Fearlessly 

Break 9:40-9:55 

Session 2 9:55-10:50 (choose 1)

Anita Edwards Interactive Recorder Instruction. It’s fun and it works! 

Rick Hannon Teaching Children To Appreciate Sound 

Lori CK/Taggart Lewis Tap Dance in the Classroom

Break 10:50-11:05 

Session 3 11:05-12:00 (choose 1)

Becky Cook Preschool Music: An Overview 

Lori CK Orff Schulwerk 101 

Tony Bradshaw Outdoor Music: A Discussion

Lunch 12:00-1:30

(pre-ordered lunches will be served in Fellowship Hall) 

Session 4 1:30-2:25 (choose 1)

Miranda Rupp Let’s Explore a Story and More! 

Lori Gray/Amy Wickstrom/Serena Hicks Assessment 

John Crever CONVERSATIONAL SOLFEGE: Prepare, Practice and Present: The Feierabend Way

Break 2:25-2:35 

Session 5 2:35-3:30 (choose 1)

Lenna Harris Rhythm: Easy as Pie! 

Bev Schumacher Elementary Choral Reading Session 

John Crever Growing Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Children the Feierabend Way Pt. 1

Break 3:30-3:40 

Session 6 3:40-4:30 

Lenna Harris Songs for your recorder concert 

Kalena Fleming Are We Movin’ Yet? 

John Crever Growing Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Children the Feierabend Way Pt. 1 (Ends early)

Dinner – on your own-nearby locations or bring your own. 

Red Carpet 5:30-6:45 

Red Carpet Registration & Hors d’Oeuvres 

Reception/Visit Exhibits 

Welcome 6:45 – Emmaus Center

Headliner Session 1 7:00-8:15 

Lynn Brinckmeyer Session I “Wander the World with Vocal Warm-Ups” 

Break 8:15-8:30

Reading Session I 8:30-9:20 

R&R Reading Session I 

Choir/Social 9:30-11:00 

Root Beer Choir Student ACDA Members Social in Downtown Boise 


Morning Reception/Hospitality/Exhibitions 

Student Chapter’s Roundtable

HEAD LINER SESSION 2 9:00-10:15 

Lynn Brinckmeyer session II “Kids, Choir and Drums” 

Breakout 1 10:30-11:20 (choose 1)

Teri Wallis Musical Pathways 

Ryan Olsen Sculpting voices with a Chainsaw instead of an ice pick 

Paul Aitkin Composers and Commissions: How and Why? A panel discussion” 

Shirley Van Paepeghem Running the Circus (You want me to do how many things at once?)

Break 11:20-11:30 

Concert Hour I 11:30-12:30 

Concert Hour I Main Sanctuary Les Bois Jr. High Improv NNU Northwesterners 

Lunch 12:30-2:00 

LUNCH (pre-ordered lunches will be served in Fellowship Hall) 

Breakout 2 2:00-2:50 (choose 1)

Tony Bradwhaw Folk Dances 

Quinn Van Paepeghem Vocal Jazz Reading Session Sanctuary 

ACDA/ Orff Panel What to expect your first year

Reading Session 2 3:00-3:50 

R&R Reading Session II 

Break 3:50-4:00

Headliner Session 3 4:00-5:15 

Lynn Brinckmeyer session III “Why Should I Advocate for Music? I’m too Busy Teaching!” 

Dinner 5:30-7:15 

Dinner catered at the Cathedral (Fellowship Hall) 

NW ACDA Conference Preview and/or brief state report/Orff Nationals Preview 

Concert 7:30 

Headline Concert – Main Sanctuary 

Cathedral of the Rockies presents 

And None Shall Be Afraid (Aitken) Mass of the Children (Rutter)


Morning reception/Hospitality/Exhibitions/Roundtable 

Breakouts 1  9:00-9:50 (choose 1)

Doug Mains  I Have Ukuleles, Now What? 

Quinn Van Paepeghem Vocal Jazz: What’s the same, and what’s different, you CAN do this! 

Brenda Winkle High Expectations in elementary choir 

Break 9:50-10:00

Reading Session 10:00-11:15 

Lynn Brinckmeyer Headliner Reading Session 

Break 11:15-11:30 

Concert Hour II 11:30- 1:00PM 

Concert Hour II Orff Ensemble Kuna High School Forza NNU University Choir and Orchestra 

Coda 1:00PM 

Final Remarks, Group Photo 

Board meeting 1:30-3:30 

ID ACDA Board Meeting